Issue Index

Index to SAVVY on the SOM Issues

Volume 18 – Food and Nutrition services

•Using the Mini Nutritional Assessment – short form
•Drugs which alter taste
•Resident Focused care
•Liberalizing the diets

Volume 17 – It is all about competency

•The RD, FSM and DM – STOP the confusion!
•Staff competency
•Resident focused choices
•Food safety

Volume 16 – How to Avoid Deficiencies in Food and Nutrition Service

•Food and Nutrition Services – the second highest number of survey deficiencies
•Immediate Jeopardy in the kitchen
•Non-Immediate Jeopardy deficiencies

Volume 15 – The Comprehensive Care Plan (UGH!)

•What does “Person Centered” mean?
•Never use “Non-compliant” again!
•What happens when the resident refuses care? What are the facilities liabilities?

Volume 14 – The Initial Care Plan

•The 48 hour timeframe
•Focus on continuity and safety
•What about Therapy and Social Work and weekends?

Volume 13 – The Activity Program

•Then and now – Person Centered
•What is a “Meaningful Life?”
•How does the Activity program support lifelong learning?

Volume 12 – Quality of Life

•Person Centered – supporting each person’s choices, beliefs and values
•Culture Change – for staff and residents
•Change the Admission Process – start at the beginning

Volume 11 – The Entrance Conference revisited

•The new survey process – off site prep
•Know how to use your CASPER Quality Measure reports
•NEW tour rounds – for 8 hours
•NEW Entrance Conference, NEW Matrix

Volume 10 – The Entrance Conference Revisited

•Competent vs. Clinical Competency
•ALL staff need competency validation (Nursing, Therapy, SW, Activities)
•Assessing and grouping needed skills

Volume 9 – The Annual Facility Assessment

•Keep it Simple
•Required data elements in the regulation
•How to use the Community Health Needs Assessment
•Use the CASPER reports wisely

Volume 8 – Person Centered Care

• What it is and what it isn’t
• Culture change over time – the Role of the QA committee
• Person Centered Care planning
• Multidisciplinary examples of Person Centered Care

Volume 7 – Infection Control Part 2

• The CDC Core Elements of Antibiotic Stewardship
• FREE Physician / Pharmacy education
• Sample template of Administrative commitment to ASP and Staff responsibilities

Volume 6 – Infection Control Part 1

• Use of McGeer Criteria / exceptions
• The surveyor perspective
• The QA Committee
• Process vs Outcome measures

Volume 5 – Quality of Life Interviews

• The beginning of Person Centered Care
• Interviews with the Resident Council, Residents and Families
• Tips / new regulations on grievances

Volume 4 – Pressure Injury – Part 2

• Assessment / Risk identification
• Staff competency / roles
• Care Planning
• Root Cause Analysis

Volume 3 – Pressure Injury – Part 1

• Facility reports reviewed by the survey team
• Pressure Injury cost = $38, 700.00
• Surveyor observations
• A word about Wound Vacs

Volume 2 – Initial Tour of the Facility

• Initial tour rounds
• Where the surveyors will focus
• Resident information which the staff needs to know
• The library contains a link to a list of clinical pathways from CMS – updated 8/29/2017

Volume 1 – The Entrance Conference

• The Entrance Conference
• Required paperwork from the facility
• The HER/EMR – access for each surveyor
• Library contains the latest paperwork from CMS